Bomb explodes at Bishops Conference HQ

A homemade bomb left at the outside door of the Mexican Bishops Conference headquarters exploded in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Although footage of the blast shows its force blew the door in, nobody was injured.

The building is in the northern part of Mexico City near the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which is considered is one of the world’s most important Catholic shrines.

Occupants of the Bishops Conference building reported hearing the bomb go off and noticed broken glass and damage to the door when they went to check the source of the sound.

Experts in forensics, explosives and photography have been sent to the site to collect evidence. Once the preliminary investigation is completed, the case will be passed to the Mexican Attorney General’s office.

There was no immediate word on possible suspects or motive.

A Tweet from Bishop Ramon Castro says he thinks the incident “reflects the situation in Mexico,” where homicide rates are on the rise amid a drug war that’s over a decade old

Three Catholic priests have been murdered in Mexico this year, bringing the number killed since 2013 up to 18. Some were murdered during robberies, extortions and kidnappings, where it is not clear if they were targeted because of their religion.



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