St John’s College Cawaci hit by another tropical cyclone


St John’s College in Cawaci, Ovalau, Fiji has been hit by another cyclone, this time by Tropical Cyclone Keni.

Although the damage does not ap­pear as severe as tropical cyclone Winston in 2016, it has affected 315 students.

The school’s principal, Alosio Saukuru, said they were in desperate need of funds to rebuild so that students could continue their classes normally.

The building that has lost its roof is an old one that was reconstructed after tropical cyclone Winston.

It consists of three Year 9 classrooms, a Year 10 classroom, three Year 12 classrooms and three staff rooms.

Saukuru said the students would now be accom­modated in a newly built classroom block. The building has not been opened officially.

He estimated damage to the building would be between $40,000 to $50,000. He is requesting assistance from relevant authorities.

“We are in need of 187 desks and 162 chairs for the students,” he added.

The damage occurred around 5 pm on Tuesday. “We are lucky that no student or teacher was injured at the time of the destruction,” said Saukuru.

He said that, despite the damage, they would go ahead with their end-of-term one examination.

St John’s ex-scholars representa­tive, Fiona Samuels Kamsoo, said students were safe and have not let the destructive winds of TC Keni affect them as they now concentrat­ed on their exams, which started today and would end next Tuesday.

“As a request by the school prin­cipal, Mr Saukuru, all official messages concerning St John’s College are to come only from the ex-scholars and PTFA. With the re­cent events and all sorts of posts on Facebook there has been some con­fusion,” she said.


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