Fiji police ask Methodist Church’s help to fight crime


The Fiji Police have asked the Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma to help in the fight against crime.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu made his appeal to delegates at the church’s annual conference in Suva on Friday.

He asked for their support in regard to crimes against women and children and in the fight against drugs.

He said fighting crime could be helped by the churches using their networks to spread information the police have.

Tudravu said women and children were the vulnerable groups when it came to physical and sexual abuse.

“It is affecting the members of the community and they are part of the church, so the gospel should be related to the reality on the ground.

“You bring the Bible, you teach about the Bible, you teach the gospel and you relate it to the environment that we live in and that should be done.”

Tudrava also sought the assistance of the churches in the fight against drug abuse, particularly marijuana.

He said that new developments had emerged in the campaign against marijuana.

“A trend that is coming up that is really surprising when you mention the Lau Group is marijuana cultivation there, but now it is coming up.”

He said it was a concern and that is why the police have asked church elders to take the awareness programme to the members of the community.

Commissioner of Police Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho also addressed the deleagtes.

He told them about the toll that methamphetamine addiction is having on Fijian children.

“If we don’t try to combat this then it will cause chaos, especially in a small country like ours,” he said.

Qiliho said the church also had its role to play in trying to combat drugs in Fiji.


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