Open letter to synod from 107 young Scots

In a open letter ahead of the Youth Synod, 107 hundred young Scots say it would be a mistake to downplay orthodoxy.

The letter, signed by 107 Catholics aged between 18 and 35, was addressed to Scottish Archbishop Leo Cushley.

Cushley is one of the bishops attending the synod on young people which began this week in Rome.

The letter notes “In some of the discourse surrounding the synod …a trend of suggesting that difficult aspects of the Church’s teaching, in matters of morals and matters of faith, need to be downplayed, or even put aside … to be relevant to people’s lives and sensitive to their difficulties.”

The letter notes some discourse implies priests who hold to orthodox teaching are “out of touch with the lives of lay people, and of young people especially.”

The signatories say this line of thought “is utterly in contradiction” to their lived experience.

“What made us become and/or remain Catholic, against ever increasing cultural pressure, are those aspects of the Faith that are uniquely Catholic, not things that can be found in social clubs, in NGOs or in political parties. What matters is precisely the Church’s claim to truth,” the letter says.

The signatories also say young Catholics are “inspired by the heroic virtue espoused by the Church, in opposition to the cynicism and pessimism of postmodern culture.”

It also has praise for “priests who proclaim orthodox teaching.”

They say these priests are bringing Christ’s light into their lives.

In their opinion, the synod needs to concentrate on helping share the fullness of the Faith with young lapsed Catholics who have not rejected Catholicism but what they call “a poorly-understood shadow of it.”


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