Synod to send letter to people of God

synodal assembly

At the conclusion of the month-long summit on the future of Catholicism, the synod assembly will issue a letter to “people of God”.

The Synod concludes on 29 October.

“For the first time, at Pope Francis’ invitation, men and women have been invited, in virtue of their baptism, to sit at the same table to take part, not only in the discussions, but also in the voting process of this Assembly of the Synod of Bishops,” records part of a a two-and-a-half page ‘brief’ letter published on October 25.

Before publication, the brief letter was reviewed by synod members on October 23 and had initially been approved by acclamation.

Then two days later the draft was opened to amendments from the synod members, with the Synod approving the final text by voting on it.

The Vatican says the synod assembly’s final letter “people of God” will likely include small group-working sessions and full assembly discussions and will likely outline the assembly’s areas of agreement and disagreement and identify issues that need further study or consideration.

Throughout the month, synod delegates considered a range of topics, including the role of women’s ministries in the church, the impact of clergy sex abuse and better participation of LGBTQ Catholics.

At a press briefing earlier on October 25 Cardinal Robert Prevost, who heads the Vatican’s Dicastery for Bishops, said the conversations at the synod had involved “learning to listen to everyone, [and] learning to dialogue with trust.”

Prevost described the whole experience as “very positive.”

“Difficulties arise, as they do in every human experience,” he said.

OSV reports that additional time between the end of the first session and the beginning of the second is scheduled for participants to discuss the methodology and steps needed for the next phase.


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