St Kevin’s College ownership changes hands

St Kevin’s College in Oamaru has had a change of ownership. It was transferred to the Catholic Diocese of Dunedin at a special ceremony at the school’s chapel in late 2019.

The change of ownership of the secondary school, which the Christian Brothers have run since 1927, was signed off by the Ministry of Education.

On December 17, trustees of the Christian Brothers, the diocese and Minister of Education Chris Hipkins formalised the agreement.

The agreement was made in the form of a deed of novation integration agreement, effective from December 11.

“The new proprietor assumes all the obligations, duties and responsibilities of the original proprietor and has all the rights and benefits of the original proprietor under the integration agreement and as prescribed under the Education Act,” the six-page document says.

When the change was announced last June, St Kevin’s principal Paul Olsen said the Brothers’ were not as involved in the school as was formerly the case, so it made sense to transfer the ownership.

St Kevin’s College deputy principal Kerry Ryan said pupils would notice virtually no change in how the school was run.

“As I said to the students, from your perspective, you will not notice anything different.

“The school will go on; you’ll still get educated.

“From a legal perspective, the school’s ownership has changed. There’s a few odds and ends when it comes to who pays for things, so at a purely administrative level there’s changes,” Ryan said.


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