A time of solidarity and reflection – Cardinal Dew


There’s a whole range of things that people can do, both to prevent the Covid-19 virus from taking hold, but also to be supportive of people who might contract the disease.” Cardinal John Dew the archbishop of Wellington told Vatican News.

He said this is a time when people need to be ready to help one another, especially if people are isolated.

“There are a few people who are self-isolating who have come back from overseas, and we’re saying, see what you can do, see if you can drop off food, ring them.”

For the vulnerable and those who don’t have a home to go to, Dew said “they are trying to prepare people” because the vulnerable are the very ones that will need a lot of help and might even need other accommodation if it’s possible.

A time of prayer and reflection
Asked about what people can do at a spiritual level while they are confined to their own homes, the Cardinal pointed out that this is a time to capitalize on Lent, “and it’s traditionally a time to step aside, pay a little closer attention to the scriptures”.

He also said that a message that the Church can get out there is that, “if you are at home, use some of the wonderful websites that help people to pray; help people to reflect because a lot of people struggle when they’re on their own.”

“They don’t know how to fill in time, so it’s an opportunity for us to promote some of those websites and things that do help people to pray and reflect and to learn how to actually be alone and use it as a kind of retreat.”

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