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The Compassion Soup Kitchen in Wellington has added more staff to help meet a 54 percent increase in people needing meals.

During the 2020 lockdown, the Soup Kitchen distributed an average of 153 takeaway meals per day.

This year the number of takeaway meals began at 190 and by Monday it had risen to 235.

Soup Kitchen manager Gary Sutton says that in 2020 he estimated that about 200 was the maximum number of meals they could manage.

He has added additional staff to meet the 2021 increased need.

Sutton said he is very grateful for the support of the Wellington City Council.

“So far they have restocked our PPE and remain ready to provide all our needs in this regard. This includes protective coveralls, disposable gloves and face masks;  anything we need.

“The council arranged for the awning to be put up to protect the whanau from the weather when they pick up their takeaway meal.

“They did this on Day 3 of lockdown not even waiting for the government to announce the extension!”

The council have also tried, not so successfully, to source takeaway food containers, spoons, forks and paper bags.

“They sourced some items, burger boxes for example, but had trouble sourcing other containers so we have ordered from our usual suppliers and should get additional stock in a few days,”  said Sutton.

He said their relationship with other partner organisations has also been strengthened during this time, particularly with Wellington City Mission, Wellington Homeless Women’s Trust, another women’s refuge as well as a marae in Lower Hutt.

“I receive calls regularly from senior Wellington City Mission management thanking us for providing them with 45 hot meals we provide daily for the whanau staying at Te Paapori.

“They also offer to assist us in any way they can during this time.” 

Your support especially at this time, is much appreciated,” said Sutton

“There is no need for anyone to go hungry.”


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