Over 100 Pasifika overstayers deported last year during pandemic

Deportation of Pasifika overstayers is continuing despite the global Covid-19 pandemic putting pressure on island nations.

Fiji has been particularly ravaged by the virus of late, with hospitals overrun with infected patients.

And yet New Zealand, with its largely successful Covid response, continues to deport members of the Pasifika community – with 17 people sent back to Fiji this year.

Members of the Pacific Leadership Forum say it is unacceptable.

“Countries like Fiji, when they are being hammered with Covid and now New Zealand is deporting their people back there – it’s like throwing somebody in the lion’s den,” Makahokovalu Pailate said.

Figures obtained by 1 News reveal around 60 Pasifika people were picked up and deported by Immigration New Zealand since the pandemic took hold in 2020 – including more than half to Samoa and Tonga. Read more

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