Archbishop Martin now living permanently in Wellington

Archbishop John Dew is delighted to say that Coadjutor Archbishop Paul Martin is now living permanently in Wellington.

He made the announcement in a newsletter to priests and lay pastoral workers.

Last year Dew welcomed the news of Martin’s appointment as Coadjutor Archbishop, however, only occasionally in the Archdiocese, Martin resided primarily in Christchurch where he functioned as ‘Administrator’ until a new bishop was appointed.

While in Christchurch, and where Canon Law allowed, Martin continued to work on the preparations for building a new Cathedral and combining Christchurch city’s smaller parishes into four larger communities.

Although not yet formally installed as Bishop of Christchurch, Michael Gielen took up his appointment immediately.

When appointed, Gielen was quick to praise the work done by the previous Christchurch bishop and apostolic administrator, Paul Martin.

Gielen says he is looking forward to continuing Martin’s work to consolidate the city’s parishes.

“The work he has done in paving the way for the consolidation and strengthening of our parishes and schools stands the diocese in fantastic stead going forward,” Gielen said.

In a newsletter to priests and lay pastoral leaders, Dew says he is confident Martin will be welcome permanently to the Archdiocese and is urging parishes and schools to look for opportunities to invite him to be among them.


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