Biden rallies governors to promote abortion access

In the wake of a Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v Wade, President Joe Biden met with a group of Democratic governors on Friday to discuss how to increase access to abortion and to codify abortion rights at the federal level.

Various governors backed pro-abortion amendments to state constitutions, state funding for abortion, and using federal facilities and supportive Native American lands as possible venues for providing abortions.

Biden himself called the 6-3 Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organisation decision a “terrible, extreme decision” and a “tragic reversal” of Roe v Wade. It would upend lives and impact “the health and safety of millions of women,” he said to the portion of a July 1 videoconference open to the press.

“I share the public outrage that this extremist court is committed to moving America backwards, with fewer rights, less autonomy and politicians invading the most personal decisions not only of women but, you’ll find, if they expand on this decision, men as well.” said Biden. “This is not over.” Continue reading

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