Cardinal Müller expresses concerns over upcoming synod

Cardinal Muller

Cardinal Gerhard Müller, the conservative former Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith prefect, has voiced his deep apprehension about aspects of the upcoming Synod on synodality.

In a candid interview with Spanish Catholic news website InfoVaticana, Müller (pictured) also expressed his concern about the current state of the Church.

The interview follows the Vatican’s recent announcement that journalists will have access only to information provided by the Synod participants.

Cardinal Müller, one of 400 participants set to attend the Synod on synodality, expressed his hope that the Synod would benefit the Church rather than harm it.

“I pray that all this will be a blessing and not a harm to the Church. I am also committed to theological clarity so that a Church gathered around Christ doesn’t become a political dance around the golden calf of the agnostic spirit of the age.”

More harm than good

Regarding the Vatican’s decision to limit journalists’ access to the Synod’s proceedings, Cardinal Müller acknowledged the potential for the propagation of harmful agendas in such a closed environment.

He expressed concerns about certain factions within the Church attempting to shift its focus away from Christ and salvation.

“I don’t know the intention behind this measure, but 450 participants will certainly not keep things under wraps.

“Many will exploit journalists for their own benefit or vice versa.

“This is the great hour of manipulation, of propaganda of an agenda that does more harm than good to the Church.”

No one can change the Word of God

Cardinal Müller strongly defended the Church’s core teachings, stating that no one on Earth can change the Word of God.

He emphasised that the Pope and bishops are tasked with preserving and faithfully interpreting the Church’s sacred teachings.

“No one on earth can change, add to, or take away from the Word of God. As successors of the apostles, the Pope and the bishops must teach the people what the earthly and Risen Christ, the only Teacher, has commanded them to do…”


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