Children are suffering – their futures are killed in wars!

children are suffering

Children are suffering! Wars in Gaza, Ukraine and other parts of the world are destroying their futures, Pope Francis says.

Speaking about the conflict in Palestine and Israel after praying the Angelus in St Peter’s Square this week, Francis asked the world to “think of the children” who suffer as a result of war.

For “all the children affected by this war, as well as in Ukraine and in other conflicts – this is how their future is being killed” Francis told them.

He reminded them that many children were taken hostage on 7 October during the Hamas attack.

In God’s name stop!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says of the over 200 hostages held in Gaza, 33 are children.

“May they return to their families” the Pope prayed.

“May the hostages be freed immediately.”

Francis begged that “avenues will be pursued so that an escalation of the conflict might be absolutely avoided.”

This is urgent “so that the wounded can be rescued and help might get to the population of Gaza where the humanitarian situation is extremely serious.”

The Gaza Health Ministry estimates over 9,000 people have been killed and 32,000 wounded in Israel’s war against Hamas.

“I continue to think about the serious situation in Palestine and in Israel where many, many people have lost their lives” Francis said.

“In God’s name, I beg you to stop. Cease fire!”

Widespread suffering

Besides those affected by wars, Francis reminded the St Peter’s crowd that other parts of the world are seeing great suffering at present too.

He mentioned particularly the people of Nepal, to whom he expressed his closeness.

They suffered an earthquake that killed 150 people on 3 November.

He also prayed for Afghan refugees in Pakistan who are facing mass deportation.


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