We will mobilise against ‘racist’ policies of incoming Government

racist policies

It has taken just over a month for this new coalition Government to render Māori an almost nullity.

The last time that occurred was in 1877 when the then Chief Justice James Prendergast proclaimed the Treaty was “worthless” because it had been signed “between a civilised nation and a group of savages” who were incapable of signing a treaty.

In one foul swoop iwi/Māori were last week transported back to the Jurassic period where the notion of colonial superiority moved from military to legislative treachery.

If the bombs raining down on Gaza sickens you then understand that is exactly what happened here in Aotearoa.

Last week we recognised 160 years since the illegal and unjust invasion of Rangiriri Pā.

As women and children tried to escape through the swamp, they were systematically shot one-by-one.

Children who could not swim without their mothers drowned in Lake Kopuera which turned red with the blood of their mothers.

Screams of terror and cries for mercy were quickly silenced.

Mothers who survived were raped next to – babies who were dispatched with bayonets and then shot – there was no time for prisoners because they would hold up the advance into Waikato.

That is the context that drives iwi like ours who continue to advance the notion of indigenous relevance in a contemporary world.

So, when this coalition Government proclaims the removal of mechanisms like co-governance from the delivery of public services, it is effectively saying prepare yourselves to die sooner in a public service that does not see you.

We have confirmation they will not recognise the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Peoples as having any binding legal affect in Aotearoa.

It actually means nothing because neither did any of the other previous governments moved much on UNDRIP either.

But it sounds great to the Hobson’s Pledge brigade and their ilk.

Both NZ First and the National parties have agreed to support a bill seeking to define the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi to its first reading.

The day this is introduced to Parliament it will trigger an immediate response from Māori and many non-Māori from across the country.

I have spoken to a number of iwi over the weekend and the initial feedback has been overwhelming and they will mobilise in numbers

We must protect the Treaty of Waitangi rights and interests that we have negotiated in good faith at all costs.

Those rights and interests in practical effect are held in perpetuity and we will not allow that to be changed by stealth and at the whim of the other Treaty partner.

We have a clause embedded in our Treaty settlements that effectively commits the Crown to engaging with us. Continue reading

  • Tukoroirangi Morgan is a former politician and broadcaster. He is the chairman of Tainui iwi and helped spearhead the Waikato River settlement claim with both the Labour and National governments alongside the late Lady Raiha Mahuta.


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