Brazilian priest faces canonical proceedings for alleged schismatic acts

canonical proceedings

Ignoring restrictions on the use of the Latin Mass and making schismatic statements means a Brazilian priest faces canonical proceedings.

The Archbishop of São Paulo, Cardinal Odilo Scherer, issued a decree on November 23 stripping Fr Fábio Fernandes of his public ministry and removing him as pastor from Our Lady of Sorrows Church in São Paulo.

The archdiocese alleges the pastor is guilty of “persistent disobedience” and that he shows “clear disregard” for the instructions of Traditionis Custodes.

This decision followed a warning issued on November 1, urging Fernandes to reaffirm his commitment to the teachings of the Second Vatican Council and Pope Francis.

The accusations against Fernandes stem from his advocacy for the Latin Mass and the alleged labelling of Pope Francis and Archbishop Scherer as “heretics”.

Fernandes, an advocate for the Tridentine Mass, defended its theological significance asserting its unaltered nature as prescribed by St Pius V.

His journey towards embracing the Traditional Latin Mass was outlined in a statement emphasising its doctrinal importance, especially in contrast to the post-Vatican II reforms.

Fernandes refuted claims of directly labelling the Pope and the Cardinal as heretics.

He argued that those adhering strictly to the Second Vatican Council were in a state of heresy, emphasising the unaltered nature of the Tridentine Mass as mandated by St Pius V.

Serious statements with schismatic content

The archdiocese said that Cardinal Scherer had appealed to Fernandes on October 28, asking him not to celebrate the feast of Christ the King the following day. The priest had ignored the request and celebrated the feast on a day “contrary to the liturgical calendar in force”.

The feast fell on October 29 in the Extraordinary Form calendar but on November 26 in the Ordinary Form calendar used by Brazilian dioceses.

Fernandes proclaimed the Catholic faith during this celebration, defending the ‘Mass of ages’ and challenging perceived errors of the ‘Conciliar Church’ in favour of the true faith and the Holy Sacrifice.

The archdiocese said the priest had also failed to retract the errors highlighted in the November 1 letter. Instead he reaffirmed them, posting “serious statements with schismatic content” on social media on the 6th of that month..


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