The US megachurch movement is on the decline

In recent years, Megachurch troubles have made headlines in American newspapers. Whether it be financial or sexual scandals, closures, layoffs, or relocations, the shocks continue.

Megachurches, predominantly Evangelical Protestant communities that gather an average of 2,000 worshipers each week, are going through a period of turbulence.

As a result, these structures are crumbling, and demand is declining.

Several recent examples illustrate this phenomenon. Willow Creek Community Church, located near Chicago (Illinois), is one of the largest megachurches in the country. It draws up to 25,000 people each week. But over the past five years, attendance has been steadily declining.

“Willow is about half the size it was before COVID-19, which is quite in line with churches across the country,” declared its lead pastor, Dave Dummitt, in 2022.

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