Outrage in Poland prompts Vatican to give reason for Catholic bishop’s resignation

The announcement that Pope Francis had accepted the resignation of Archbishop Andrzej Dziega of Szczecin-Kamien with no explanation caused a bittersweet reaction in Poland, once viewed as the testing ground for the 2019 Vatican document on bishops’ accountability.

Dziega was known for ignoring the victims of sexual abuse for years in his archdiocese. Still, in a letter explaining his resignation to priests of the archdiocese, he said the reason was health-oriented, a “radical weakening of my condition.”

At age 71, he is four years younger than the age at which canon law requires bishops to submit their resignation to the pope.

He also apologised to the priests for his “weaknesses,” not mentioning the victims of sexual abuse who were outraged when the letter went viral across social media in Poland over the Feb 24-25 weekend.

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