Church technology points to shape of future church services

State of Church Technology

The 2024 State of Church Technology report offers a glimpse into the potential future of church services. The report highlights significant shifts in how congregations engage with technology.

Pushpay published the report based on insights from over 2,200 church leaders. It reveals a trajectory towards a new configuration of the Church.

Churches increasingly embrace technology as a cornerstone of their mission. Currently, 95% recognise its critical role,and 98% acknowledge its importance in fostering community connections.

Notably, the report indicates a surge in hybrid church services.  90% of surveyed churches offer a blend of physical and virtual worship experiences.

Livestreaming emerges as a linchpin in this digital transformation, with 91% of churches currently utilising it and 62% planning to further integrate it in the future.

“We’re seeing churches continuing to test, adapt, and evolve their use of technology to extend the Church experience, making ministry content and connection available 24/7” said Molly Matthews, Pushpay CEO.

Matthews stressed the necessity of adapting to meet the expectations of younger generations accustomed to seamless digital interactions.

Strategic importance of AI

Furthermore, the report explores the potential of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence. It said 33% of churches are considering the strategic importance of AI in the coming years.

However, interest in virtual reality-based services appears to have dwindled. Only 5% continue to offer such experiences compared to 8% last year.

Mobile church apps are on the rise, facilitating volunteer scheduling and prayer requests, with a 44% and 8% increase since 2022.

Yet budget constraints remain a barrier for many. The report indicated that 55% of churches allocate less than 10% of their operating budget to technology.

Clay Scroggins, who wrote the forward for the 2024 State of Church Technology report, underscores the profound impact of technological integration on the future configuration of the Church:

“Online churches, digital small groups, virtual staff meetings and AI-enhanced sermons aren’t temporary BandAids; they represent a new, permanent fixture in our faith practices.”


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