Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God?

Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God ?  Muslims claim that “There is only one God and Mohammed is his prophet.” while Christians claim that “There is only one God and Jesus is his Son”. Clearly we are in disagreement about Mohammed and Jesus, for even though Muslims say they believe in Jesus as a prophet of God, they will not replace Mohammed with Jesus as the prophet nor would they call him God’s Son.

Philip Jensen asks if we can build a bridge on the basis of believing in only one God? Muslim preachers want to build the bridge there, claiming that we worship the same God, though they with clearer understanding since their prophet’s message is not distorted and is God’s final revelation to humanity. But do we worship the same God? Or do we worship a different God, even though we agree there is only one and he is the creator of all things. Is Yahweh Allah?

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Phillip Jensen, is the author of a number of books and a sought after speaker in Australia and internationally. He is currently the Dean of Sydney at St Andrew’s Cathedral and Director of MTD, which provides the ongoing training for Ministers in the Sydney Diocese.

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