Christians attack ChatGPT-generated fake transgender Bible verse

Christians are responding to a fake Bible passage reportedly generated by ChatGPT that said Jesus accepts trans-identified individuals, stating, “there is no man nor woman.”

“And a woman, whose heart was divided between spirit and body, came before him,” the fake passage reads. “In quiet despair, she asked, ‘Lord, I come to you estranged, for my spirit and body are not one. How shall I hope to enter the kingdom of God?'”

“Jesus looked upon her with kindness, replying, ‘my child, blessed are those who strive for unity within themselves, for they shall know the deepest truths of my Father’s creation,'” the passage continued. “Be not afraid, for in the kingdom of God, there is no man nor woman, as all are one in spirit. The gates of my Father’s kingdom will open for those who love and are loved, for God looks not upon the body, but the heart.”

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