Irish Government requires Vatican’s full co-operation

The Irish Government toned-down its recent fury and in what has been described as an ‘uneasy peace’, welcomed the Vatican’s response to the Cloyne report.

However despite the Vatican’s expression of shame and apology to victims of sexual abuse, the Irish Government has not backed away from its earlier harsh criticism of the Holy See.

“Having considered carefully the Cloyne report and the response of the Holy See, the Government of Ireland remains of the view that the content of the confidential letter in 1997 from the then apostolic nuncio, Archbishop [Luciano] Storero, to the Irish bishops, regardless of whether or not it was intended to do so, provided a pretext for some members of the clergy to evade full co-operation with the Irish civil authorities in regard to the abuse of minors. This is a matter of great concern to the Irish Government.”

“The Government of Ireland must point out that the comments made by the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) and other political leaders accurately reflect the public anger of the overwhelming majority of Irish people at the failure of the Catholic Church in Ireland and the Holy See to deal adequately with clerical child sexual abuse and those who committed such appalling acts,” the statement went on to say.

In welcoming the Vatican’s commitment to dialogue and co-operation, Prime Minister, Enda Kenny added he expected the Vatican’s fullest co-operation in ensuring children are safe from paedophile priests.

Kenny was adamant, anything but full co-operation from the Vatican with the workings of the Murphy Commission into Clerical child abuse in the Cloyne diocese would constitute unwarranted interference into the operation of the enquiry.


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