IRB now targets the Bible in crackdown

They have been accused of draw rigging, penny pinching and racism during the World Cup and having got mouth-guards under control, the IRB targets the Bible in its latest crackdown – no Biblical quotes on wrist strappings without prior approval.

While refusing to comment further on the matter, a member of Australian team management confirmed that the directive, with specific reference to biblical passages, was included in the IRB’s most recent weekly update circulated to all teams.

Wallaby winger Digby Ioane, a devout Christian, said: “I don’t write Bible passages on my strapping but I know a lot of guys from other teams who do.

“They are saying that you can draw a cross but any words you have to write down and take it to the manager who has to show it to the IRB. I’m just glad they haven’t told me to take my tattoos off.”

 The IRB yesterday confirmed the directive, saying it would take a “commonsense approach” to the matter.
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