Six Deacons ordained in Suva

The Archbishop of Suva, Petero Mataca, has ordained six deacons – four Fijian and two Solomon Islanders.

The ordinations took place in Sacred Heart Cathedral in Suva on Sunday 22 April.

The six men are studying to become priests. The Fijians are training for the Diocesan priesthood while the Solomon Islanders are to be priests of the Society of Mary.

The Archbishop told the newly ordained that they were on their way to priesthood and he would be praying for them to arrive at their destination.

After the ordination, one of the deacons, Oliva Navoli Vudivou, explained that he had to meet many requirements during his training period.

“During and after the seven-year training, we are constantly assessed by our superiors and the people we serve,” he said.

“Our performances, how we interact with the congregation, spiritual and physical life, how one conducts himself every day these things along with many others are assessed.”



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