Butler confirms 20 involved in Vatileaks

There are at least 20 people involved in stealing and leaking compromising Vatican documents.

The claim comes from the Papal Butler, Paolo Gabriele, who recently parted ways with his lawyer, and who has been charged with aggravated thief and is likely to be tried for his part in Vatileaks scandal at the Vatican next month.

Despite widespread belief and Vatican denials that Gabriele is the scapegoat for a larger group, up until now only one other person has also been charged, Claudio Sciarpelletti, a 48 year old Vatican computer expert.

The Independent reports Gabriele has now admitted he collaborated in Vatileaks with 20 other people “who, like me, want to contribute to transparency”.

Gabriele claims he acted out of love for the church. But in his TV interview he also said the growing gap between Vatican hawks and reformers had created an atmosphere in which people were afraid to speak out.

“The Pope wants to clean up, but he is having difficulties,” said Gabriele.

And adding to the intrigue, he said: “Ours is a state (Vatican City) where you can get in, kill and leave undisturbed, and after 24 hours no one can say what happened.”

Vatican prosecutor Nicola Picardi has dismissed claims of a major conspiracy or conflict between power brokers behind Vatican walls. In his indictment against Mr Gabriele he claimed the former butler was erroneously “seeing evil and corruption everywhere”.

If convicted Gabriele faces six years in prison.

Sciarpelletti has been charged with aiding and abetting Gabriele.


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