Assisted suicide law change not a priority

More than three quarters of British MPs believe that changing the law on euthanasia, assisted suicide, is not a priority at the moment.

The findings reported in The Telegraph show that opposition to assisted suicide among British MPs has strengthened markedly in the current Parliament, boosted by the presence of more Conservative members.

The Poll indicates MPs fear that moves to legalise assisted suicide in the midst of the current economic crisis could place frail and vulnerable people under added pressure to end their lives.

The poll comes in the face of a case of a Down’s syndrome patient who is taking legal action against an NHS trust after a “do not resuscitate” (DNR) order was put on his medical file without his knowledge or the knowledge of his next of kin.

The DNR instructed staff not to perform resuscitation in the event of a cardio or respiratory arrest and also gave his disability as the sole reason for its imposition.

Lawyers for the man who can be identified only as AWA because of a court order, describe the order as “blatant discrimination”.

East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust says it complied fully with guidance from professional bodies.

The man’s family remained unaware of the DNR order until he had returned from hospital to his care home.

The poll also comes not long after Britain hosted the paraolympics, which celebrated the inspirational achievements of disabled athletes and taught Britain and the world so much about courage and the overcoming of seemingly impossible odds.


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