Churches and Governments must work together to protect environment

It is  important to take into consideration the impact that activities such as mining could have on the environment and the people. Churches must take a strong, united stand on the responsible use of natural resources says Fiji Catholic priest, Father Kevin Barr. 

He was speaking at Pacific Conference of Churches Assembly. More than 200 delegates representing 34 churches and organizations are in Honiara for the week-long event.

Addressing the Assembly on Sunday  Solomon Islands Deputy Prime Minister, Mannaseh Maelanga, also spoke about the important role for the Churches in address the issues of poverty, climate change and mining. 

“These issues affect our people and we – governments and churches – must work together in these areas,” Maelanga said.

On Saturday young Christian leaders made a similar call urging churches to take strong positions on the eradication of poverty and the protection of the environment.

Youth delegates from Maohi Nui (Tahiti) have asked young people at the assembly to join their quest to ensure that France does not conduct further nuclear tests in the region.

“What has happened in our islands with nuclear testing must never be allowed to happen again,” Maohi Nui representative told delegates.



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