Catholic schools join proposed boycott of shops selling legal highs

St Peter’s College and Hato Paora College have joined other 9 other schools in the Manawatu in proposing a blanket boycott of all legal-high retailers throughout the wider Manawatu region.

Their support has added weight to a Palmerston North mother’s campaign to stop retailers in the Manawatu from selling legal highs.

Esther McLean has proposed that the city’s mayor, Jono Naylor, visits every legal-high retailer in town to encourage them to stop selling the products.

The 11 school principals have signed a letter to the Palmerston North City Council in support of her proposal.

“We are also prepared to be part of a campaign that proposes a boycott against any dairy or store that sells them,” the letter says.

Freyberg High principal Peter Brooks spearheaded the move and said the boycott would soon be actively encouraged by all 11 schools.

“The next step is for us to be given the names of the dairies in our areas that sell legal highs. If we get that then we can use our communities and our parents to target [those retailers] by going to other shops,” Brooks said.

Last week Police in Hamilton called on the public to boycott Hamilton dairies selling controversial legal highs.

But one dairy owner is still stocking synthetic cannabis products, claiming they are his “bread and butter” and the Government is to blame for not banning them sooner.

Police have launched Operation Dairy in the city’s east, hitting the streets to lecture dairies who refused to stop selling legal highs.

Shopowners agreeing not to stock the products were given a large yellow and red poster to display in shop front windows.


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