Lenten simplicity

Yesterday I read through one or two suggestions for Lent that left me reeling.

I really don’t think Lent is about giving up or taking on more, as such; rather, it’s about seeking God with more intensity of focus than we manage at other times.

To do that we need simplicity— and we have become such complicated creatures that simplicity is more and more alien to us.

That is why our lives need to take on a plainness they often lack.

Our food is simpler and less copious; our prayer is simpler, too, reverting to more ancient forms, especially as we enter Holy Week.

Our compassion — almsgiving — has, or should have, a wider spread; and all because we seek the Lord. Love is our motive, and Love himself our reward. Continue reading.

Sr Catherine Wybourne is a Benedictine nun of Benedictine nun from Holy Trinity Monastery, Howton Grove Priory, U.K. 

Source: iBenedictines

Image: @DigitalNun

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