Key will not support Street’s Bill on euthanasia

Prime Minister John Key has signalled possible loosening of euthanasia laws. But he said he would not vote for a bill proposed by Labour MP Maryan Street.

Street’s bill allows any adult suffering from a condition likely to cause their death within 12 months to request medical assistance to die.

“If it’s the same bill, I’ll oppose it because I think the way that bill was structured is not good law,” he said.

Key told told Family First director Bob McCoskrie in a public interview at a forum in Auckland on Friday that euthanasia would be “a legitimate thing” to speed up death for a terminally ill patient who was in pain.

McCoskrie also  interviewed the leaders of NZ First and the Conservative parties – Winston Peters and Colin Craig – on their family-based policies as well as their personal principles and values which drive their desire to be involved in politics.

Labour leader David Cunliffe declined invitations to attend.

More than 200 delegates representing more than 70 family-focused organisations and groups attended the eighth annual NZ Forum on the Family, hosted by Family First NZ.

Speakers included Dr David Richmond (euthanasia) and Maggie Hamilton (sexualisation of children) and the topics of the anti-smacking law, redefinition of marriage, and abortion will also be covered.

There there was a screening of the premiere of the new documentary “Mum on a Mission” which shows the harm being done to good families by the anti-smacking law.



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