Greenpeace charity status ruling pleases Family First

Family First is welcoming the Supreme Court’s decision overturning the deregistration of Greenpeace as a charity because of its political activity.

The Charities Registration Board had sought to deregister Family First as a charity, in the wake of the recent same-sex marriage debate.

Family First appealed to the High Court, but a hearing has been on hold until a decision on the Greenpeace case.

Family First NZ director Bob McCoskrie said part of the problem has been the subjective interpretation of the definition of a charity.

“But many groups involved in public issues will have a political involvement when politicians are changing laws and introducing policy that affects the supporters and focus of the charity concerned.

“It is right that charities should be able to speak in to the debates.”

Family First has instructed their lawyers to immediately apply to the Charities Board to drop the deregistration action against Family First NZ, or to bring the hearing forward so the matter can be resolved immediately.

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