Manu Samoa wow locals with their singing at Mass

The Samoan national team, Manu Samoa, are in Brighton for the Rugby World Cup.

Last Sunday they went to mass at St Mary Magdalen’s Church.

A video of the team singing was shared on the team’s Facebook page and has so far been viewed more than 80,000 times.

Clare Bowskill, choir director at the church, praised the Samoans’ singing, hailing them as a “beautiful and lovely group”.

“They rang up on Saturday and said they were coming but to have 50 of them come along, they were so big they filled up half the church,” she said.

“The singing was beautiful, I think it was the captain who came up to me and asked if we would like them to sing – which is what they did.”

The team stayed at the church for about 20 minutes afterwards, posing for photos and selfies with fans and parishioners.

Father Ray Blake said: “It was impressive to see so many devout young men, who think worshipping God on a Sunday morning is just a normal manly thing to do. God bless them.”

Manu Samoa also put their vocals to the test at their welcoming ceremony at the Brighton Dome.

The team performed a traditional dance and sang a native (sic) song which would not have sounded out of place in a professional choir competition according to the local reporter.


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