Faith is the glue in Pasifika Rugby World cup teams

A shared Christian faith played a big part in all of the Pasifika teams competing in the Rugby World Cup.

And it was not just a matter of praying for a victory.

That strategy was no doubt not ignored; on this occasion seems to have been remarkably unsuccessful.

But it was their shared Christian faith that helped build their evident esprit de corps.

It was like a glue that helped hold these teams together.

“At the end of the day we’re humble people. We always try to circle up with our opponents at the end of a match to pray.”

“When we are in the circle we obviously thank the opposition but we also thank the big guy upstairs for the occasion.” said  Anthony Perensie who plays for Samoa.

He said that the Christian faith shared by most of the players is part of what binds them together as a team.

“The entire squad stops to pray before and after matches… “[Faith] helps keep us together. It helps bond us as a team.” says Fiji’s captain Akapusi Qera.

Nili Latu from Tonga told the Nuku’alofa Times, “Everything revolves around our faith.”

Martin Saunders, contributing editor to Christian Today, reporting this phenomenon appeared to be surprised that Christian faith continues to be so closely connected to the every day life of many Pasifika people.

Even believing Christians from the secularised world are not sure quite what to make of God being interested in Rugby.

Seeing a 100Kg+  giants singing hymns is a bit of a novelty.


Christian Today is an independent media company with an evangelical christian orientation 


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