The Catholic Church must become more Protestant

Dr. Peter Kreeft is a brilliant theologian, philosopher, and a Evangelical Protestant convert to the Catholic faith.

I’ve listened to several of his lectures, read many of his articles, and become a devotee.

He’s got a lot of great stuff to say, and he isn’t afraid to say it.

His appeal, to me, is that Kreeft is not a man who’s afraid to mince his words.

Still, I was floored by a comment he made in a lecture on ecumenism—that is, his view on how to restore Christian unity.

A task I see, and many see, as absolutely critical in our age.

Without compromising the integrity of the Catholic Church, and the truth of Catholic doctrine, Kreeft said, simply, that if Catholicism is going to have any hope of attracting our non-Catholic brothers and sisters the Catholic Church must become more Protestant.

A bold claim, and surely one to raise the ire of just about any serious Catholic but do Kreeft and me a favour and, please, read on.

Evangelical Protestantism, says Kreeft, has a serious market cornered on relationship-building, discipleship, and evangelization.

That is, Evangelical churches the world over are great at making people feel welcome (like they’re part of something bigger—because they are), teaching them how to become “little Jesus’s”, and equipping them to go out into the world and act accordingly.

Through successful programs of Bible Study, Sunday School, youth groups, and enriching fellowship, Evangelical churches build up a community that feels like a community.

They’re accessible and welcoming (an important key to the New Evangelization).

Through this kind of dedication and devotion to study and fellowship, Evangelicals are equipped to live amongst the world and witness to Christ—to live a life oriented to Christ and make it known. And the job of being Christ to our fellow sojourners is taken seriously, for the most part.

The Evangelical church is, fundamentally, missionary in its orientation. Continue reading

  • K. Albert Little is an Evangelical convert to Catholicism from Ontario, Canada.
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