Father Marko Rupnik’s art cannot be separated from abuse claims

For the rector of the world’s second-largest church after St Peter’s Basilica, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Aparecida in Brazil, May 11 will be a day of celebrating the inauguration of the southern facade’s mosaics, all created by Fr Marko Rupnik.

But alleged victims of the disgraced former Jesuit and many faithful are not in a celebratory mood.

During a heated debate on what should be done with Fr Rupnik’s mosaics across the globe, OSV News asked whether the art can be separated from the alleged acts of abuse by the Slovenian priest-artist and what should be done with his mosaics decorating iconic churches across the globe.

In December 2022, Rome’s Jesuit headquarters, following media reports concerning alleged abuse by Fr Rupnik, admitted the preliminary investigation found allegations credible as early as 2019. In 2020, he was excommunicated for “absolution of an accomplice,” referring to when a priest has sex with someone and then absolves the person in confession.

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