Four Sisters beaten by thugs dressed as policemen

Four Sisters and two security guards were beaten up and robbed allegedly by 12 armed criminals in full police uniforms in their own house outside of Goroka in Eastern Highlands Province.

The incident happened on Sunday May 8 between 9pm and 10pm in Bihute, several kilometres outside of Goroka town where the Catholic Sisters from the institute of PNG and Australia Sisters of Mercy Works reside.

They were in their house watching television when 12 armed men in police uniforms entered their premises after badly bashing up the two security guards at the gate.

Sister Maryanne Kolkia, the country program coordinator for Sisters of Mercy, said this was the fourth time criminals have attacked them.

Sister Maryanne, who received heavy blows to her nose, lips and other parts of her face said the criminals were after a safe, which the sisters had no idea of.

“There was a knock on the door and I opened the door and saw several policemen so I thought they were regular policemen”.

Sister Maryanne opened the door and they came in and “demanded that I tell them where the safe for keeping the money was,” Sister Maryanne said.

“I told them we are a non profiting NGO and we do not have any money or safe in our house but that explanation provoked them to really beat us up very badly.”

“The two security guards, were beaten up and tied to a tree.

They wer taken to at the intensive care unit at the Goroka Hospital


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