Prayer cards for parishioners to use to pray for prisoners in Year of Mercy

In this Year of Mercy Pope Francis has declared there is to be a Jubilee for Prisoners this weekend. To honour this Jubilee for Prisoners and to encourage ongoing prayer for those in prison, a revised Adopt a Cell Card is being produced to be distributed at the Masses on 6th November.

The cards are a revision of the cards produced in 2009 which invite the recipients to pray for particular individuals who are currently in prison. There was a great response from parishioners and many prisoners were moved to think that they were being prayed for specifically.

The new edition cards will be given out on the weekend of the 6th of November along with some suggested prayers of the faithful to be included in the Masses that day.
Parishioners are encouraged to pray for all those in prison, their families, the victims of their crime, and those who minister or work with prisoners.

Let us pray:
Let us pray: For all who are in prison, breathe new life into their hearts, support them in their pain and loneliness give them the courage and fortitude to strive for a transformed life upon release.For the families of those in prison who are living their own sentence of worry, loneliness and isolation, and caring for children. May they know your loving support For all who work with people in prison that they may carry out their duties with sensitivity, understanding and compassion. For all chaplains and volunteers who minister in prison: may they see your face in all they meet, be quick to console and slow to judge and thus carry a message of mercy, hope and forgiveness Bless those who minister in prisons: may they always reflect the love of Christ to all in need. For our communities, that we may always be welcoming and hospitable communities supportive of those starting new lives.

A prayer card will also be distributed to prisoners through the Prison Chaplaincy Service.

For more information please contact, Simone Olsen, Communications Adviser, 021 611 052

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