Vatican outrage – earthquakes not “God’s punishment for same sex unions”

Vatican outrage has condemned a Dominican Friar’s statement that the recent Italian earthquake sequence was a punishment from God for same sex unions.

Same sex unions became legal in Italy last month.

Friar Giovanni Cavalcali said the disasters are a result of original sin.

In his view they are a “divine punishment” for “the offence to the family and the dignity of marriage, in particular through civil unions”.

His comments on Italy’s Radio Maria were swiftly condemned by the Vatican.

Hundreds of people died as a result of the quakes and thousands were badly injured in the 30 October event.

It is the third severe earthquake to strike Italy this year and was the worst shake for 36 years.

The Vatican says Cavalcali’s comments saying the notion of a vengeful God is a pagan, pre-Christian idea.

“These remarks are offensive for believers and scandalous for non-believers,” Deputy Secretary of State Archbishop Angelo Becciu was quoted as saying by Italian media.

“Christ has revealed to us the face of a God of love, not a capricious vindictive face. That is a pagan vision, not a Christian vision,” he added.

Radio Maria is known to be ultra conservative. Becciu says it has come under criticism in the past for comments seen as anti-Semitic.

He says it must “moderate the tone of its language” and conform to the Church’s message of mercy.



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