Little re-affirms Labour will not introduce euthanasia legislation

Right to Life has commended Labour leader Andrew Little for once again confirming that Labour will not be introducing a private members bill on Euthanasia.

In letter to the secretary of Right to Life written in December last year Little said, “Labour’s position is to support the cross-party select committee inquiry”.

“Euthanasia is a conscience issue, not a party political issue, and it is not one of Labour’s priorities.

“This is why no Labour MP is introducing a bill on euthanasia to Parliament”.

In his letter Little went on to say “The select committee process allows members of the public to submit ideas for what any change in the law could look like.”

“Louisa Wall was making use of this process as an individual, as is her democratic right.”

“It does not reflect Labour’s view and Labour will not be introducing a private member’s bill on euthanasia.”

Orr said the Labour Party has a long and illustrious history of defending life.

“Andrew Little’s stand is in the tradition of its great leaders who defended life; Michael Savage, Peter Frazer, Walter Nash, Arnold Nordmeyer, Bill Rowling, David Lange and Mike Moore.”

“This is a welcome assurance, that should Labour be elected to govern at the general election on Saturday 23rd  September 2017, a Labour government would not present a bill promoting Euthanasia,” said Orr

” It is also reassuring that should a private members bill on Euthanasia be drawn from the ballot, Labour members would have a conscience vote, ” he said.


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