Drone assassination awareness week

Six days and nights of fasting and prayer in solidarity with drone assassination victims and families have been arranged to promote Drone Awareness Week.

It will take placein wellington between 26 February and 3 March and will be centred in a Vigil Bus.

Anyone is are welcome to join the bus at any time, day or night.

The location of the bus on any particular day can be found on this FaceBook page or by calling 022 1600 751

Participants will be exploring gentleness, vulnerability, prayer and enemy love in the service of a non-violent engagement with the discipleship queries of our age.

Starting on every second hour (8am, 10am, 12pm…) all day and all night, there will be a short prayer liturgy for about 15 minutes.

In the times between prayer, participants will do Christian meditation, Taize, reading and discussion of peace texts.

To conclude the week, a propitiatory* offering of blood will be made to the GCSB.

The participants will call for them to take their blood instead.

U.S. drone strikes have killed thousands of innocent civilians in 7 Muslim majority countries. The killing continues.

New Zealand’s  Defense Forces (GCSB) are helping the killer drone programme, by giving signals intelligence to the U.S.A

*To sacrifice something in order to stop something else being taken.

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