Mystery – did feminist anarchists set bishops conference bomb?

Mystery surrounds a feminist anarchist group calling itself “Informal Feminist Commando of Anti-Authoritarian Action Coatlicue”.

The group is being blamed for last week’s bombing of the Mexican bishops’ conference offices.

No-one was injured in the early morning blast, which caused little damage to the building. So far nobody has been arrested.

Although news reports say the anarchist group posted a signed statement about the bombing on Contra Info – an international website claiming to be run by “anarchists, anti-authoritarians and libertarians” – there is no link to an English language copy of the statement.

Nor does there appear to be a Spanish-language version on the website.

According to the news reports, the ContraInfo post says the anarchists claim to have planted the bomb as retaliation “For every torture and murder in the name of your God! For every child defiled by paedophile priests!”

The bishops conference declined to comment on the alleged attackers, saying it will be “the authorities who determine the veracity of that message and if it will be part of its investigation. We will continue working normally.”

The Mexico City says it is referring the case to the federal attorney general’s office as the attack was on “a building administered by a religious association.”


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