Vincentians  support  Bishops’ election statement

The NZ Catholic Bishops’ Election Statement, Step out and Vote, has received a
resounding endorsement from the Society of St Vincent de Paul.

Society President Terry Comber said that the social issues that the Bishops raise are
at the forefront of the Society’s work.

“On behalf of Vincentians in New Zealand, I would like to publicly support their Statement.

“We encounter people every day who are facing the personal and social challenges
the bishops are talking about – particularly lack of affordable housing, mental
health issues and the struggle of many elderly in our society to get by each week.
Their situation cannot be ignored. It is up to everybody from politicians to local
communities to address these issues.

“In the words of Pope Francis: ‘Nothing else will change the world but people who
fight for justice and human dignity.”‘

Terry Comber urged Catholics to read the Statement carefully and act on its guidance.

“The Bishops’ Statement covers complex topics honesty and sensitively. It shows
real awareness of what the reality is out there, a reality that our members are
encountering every day. When we vote, we need to consider the common good
and the vulnerable in New Zealand society, not just ourselves.”

The Bishops’ statement calls for a tax structure which is fair to low income earners
and advocates a thorough review and strengthening of the mental health sector. It
calls the growing prison population a “national disgrace”, and advocates pro-life
attitudes and policies from inception to the last days of life.

The Bishops emphasise the role faith has in the public forum. It calls on all
brothers and sisters in Christ to let faith guide them in their political choices, and
to vote in accord with what’s best for all of New Zealand, not just the individual

“Faith has a vital role in the public forum,” says the Bishops’ Statement. “Stand
up, uphold the common good of our nation, choose wisely and your vote will be a
blessing for our nation.”

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