Vatican visitors threatened – ISIS wants “Christmas blood”

Vatican visitors may be Islamic State’s (ISIS) next terror targets.

A pro-ISIS propaganda channel has made a poster depicting a car attack.

The poster – reading “Christmas blood” – shows a masked jihadi driving a BMW at high speed towards St Peter’s Basilica.

An assault rifle and a rucksack can be seen on the seat next to the driver.

ISIS has made frequent threats against Pope Francis and the Vatican.

Big events, including Christmas, are times the terror group has made threats in the past.

In August, they released a movie published by the Al-Hayat Media Centre.

It shows several jihadists destroying church statues saying: ”Remember this, unbelievers, we will be in Rome.”

In December last year, 12 people were killed when an ISIS terrorist killed a lorry driver.

He then drove the truck into the Christmas market in Berlin.

The latest threat emerged on Tuesday.

The Daily Mail newspaper says “Such posters do not typically warn of a direct threat, but act as a call to action for lone wolf attackers who may be waiting to strike”.

Militants who have been driven out of their strongholds in Iraq and Syria may be implicated in the Christmas threat.

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis has said the military will continue to fight ISIS “as long as they want to fight”.


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