Immigration threatens Christianity

Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orban, says immigration threatens Christianity.

At the start of his European Parliamentary elections campaign, Orban has made it clear he thinks an influx of foreigners has put national traditions including religion in jeopardy.

He says allowing more immigrants into the country has led to the “virus of (Islamic) terrorism”.

Those who favor “immigration and migrants for whatever reason in reality are creating mixed-race nations,” Orban says.

“Historic traditions in immigrant countries come to an end.

“In such countries, Christian-Muslim worlds are continually shrinking Christian populations.”

Orban says admitting more foreigners would be a sign of “capitulation” and a threat to the Church.

“Immigration brings increased crime, especially crimes against women, and lets in the virus of terrorism.”

Nonetheless, Orban is concerned for Hungary’s declining population, where the fertility rate is currently 1.45 children per woman.

But “we don’t just want numbers, we want Hungarian babies,” he says.

He has therefore proposed a seven-point package of tax breaks and subsidies to compel households to raise more children.

His efforts to encourage Hungarians to have more babies include the opportunity for women with four children or more to be exempt from paying income tax for life.

Orban has also promised to reduce mortgage payments for those with children, offer state aid in purchasing larger family vehicles, include grandparents on maternity leave, add daycare options, and introduce new loans available for families.


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