Thief steals lectionary and church candle


It was almost a matter of bell book and candle after a thief stole the lectionary and the pascal candle from St Mary of the Angels in Wellington.

First to disappear was the paschal candle.

It had been used in a shrine halfway up the main aisle on the weekend of the mosque shootings in Christchurch.

But after moving it back to the sanctuary it was stolen a few days later.

The candle is worth about $100 and was due for replacement at Easter.

A few days later the Lectionary containing the scripture texts for the weekday Masses was also taken.

Parish priest Fr Kevin Conroy said he reported the theft to the police but on being asked whether he wanted it investigated he told them not to bother.

St Mary of the Angels is located in Wellington’s CBD. The church is open from 6.30 am on weekdays and is locked and alarmed from 6.00 pm.

The Eucharist is celebrated each week-day day in the morning, at midday, and in the evening.

The sacrament of reconciliation is available at different times during the day.

It also provides a place of peace and reflection for Wellingtonians from many walks of life and visitors to the city to spend some time in silence and prayer.

One person on Trip Advisor describes it like this:

“This lovely old Catholic Cathedral is a visual feast with its stunning stain glass windows which are as good as any that can be found globally.

“Service times are clearly marked on the board outside so if you’re simply going for a look or wish to find a calm, peaceful place, in the middle of the city to sit for a little bit you can confidently enter knowing you are not disturbing others.”

When there are not public services taking place volunteer guardians are rostered to be a presence.

The parish looking for more volunteers to fill some gaps in the roster.


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