Disturbing new claims made about Israel Folau and his church

A parent of a young rugby player has made disturbing claims about the radical teachings of former Wallaby star Israel Folau’s church.

The mother became concerned when Folau started inviting fellow players to the Truth of Jesus Christ Church in Sydney’s north-west. The church was set up by Folau’s father Eni in 2013.

The mother says she decided to attend the church herself and claims what she saw “disturbed her greatly.”

“I honestly do not want my son involved in what I have come to understand is false teachings and counterfeit Christianity,” she says.

“I’ve gone, I’ve checked it out and I would call them an isolated hate group.”

Folau’s cousin Josiah, who attends the same church, says the Catholic Church is “false and filled with lies.

“Any devout Catholic person is not a saved Christian … Look at Catholic doctrine, almost 100% of it is false and is filled with lies,” Josiah wrote to the concerned mother.

“The blasphemous Catholic mass is a paganistic ritual rooted in heresy, evil and devil worship.

“The Catholic Church is a synagogue of Satan and I one-hundred-per-cent believe and affirm that Roman Catholicism is masked devil worship,” he added.

The Folau’s church teaches the baptisms of most other mainstream Christian churches who believe in the Trinity are also false, the mother says.

The church also preaches against women deaconesses or preachers, and that homosexuality is a sin “worthy of death”.

Folau believes any Christian who wasn’t “born again” would go to hell and that anyone who wasn’t baptised in the way of the Folaus is heading for hell.

Folau was recently sacked by the Wallabies after he made a controversial social media post in April saying homosexuals, fornicators, drunks, atheists and others were going to hell.

His views prove his congregation has deviated far from mainstream Christianity, Christian ministers say.

One describes Folau’s church as a “sect”.

According to the teachings of Folau’s church, most Christians are bound for hell, including Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who belongs to the Australian megachurch Hillsong.

Also headed for hell are most of the donors who gave money to his legal defence fund which was organised by the Australian Christian Lobby.

Folau is battling with Rugby Australia for up to $10 million in damages, claiming he was unfairly sacked on religious grounds.

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) paused donations for Folau’s legal fund after it topped $2.2 million.

ACL managing director Martyn Iles says he has never heard Folau say “anything which contradicts mainstream Christian belief.”


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