Prince Harry targets global conservation

Prince Harry is championing global conservation with environmental projects aiming to create a more sustainable future.

His upcoming environmental project is a community-based initiative which will be launched alongside a new Sussex Royal charity in September.

Harry, the Duke of Sussex, says his first target will be eliminating single-use plastics.

He joined young leaders from 26 countries at Windsor Castle on Tuesday for a course run by world-renowned anthropologist and ethologist Dr Jane Goodall.

Sharing his frustrations in a speech at Goodall’s Roots & Shoots initiative, Harry decried wasteful plastic packaging in grocery stores.

“A lot more needs to be done by companies and consumers to tackle the problem,” he said.

“We need to demand change. It’s a dirty habit that’s become normalised.

“Gone are the days when you’d just grab ten carrots, take them home and then just give them a shave.

“People are actually buying shaved carrots in a plastic bag.

“The younger generation are saying, ‘This is crazy. This doesn’t make any sense at all.'”

On a personal level, he said for some years he has banned all single-use plastics, including plastic bottles, straws, and wasteful packaging such as disposable coffee cup lids, from his life and home.

“Companies need to start taking responsibility for it and they need to spend the money they’ve made in selling all this stuff to either start clearing [it] up or, even better, stop making it and finding alternatives,” he said.

“There are alternatives.”

Harry was also asked at the course what peace meant to him.

It is “To be connected to the things that matter the most, rather than being disconnected,” he replied.

He said he thinks a lack of human connection has created “a lack of compassion and empathy for each other” which has in turn prompted a lack of understanding about the importance of the ecosystem.

Prince Charles has has long campaigned on the subject, warning last year that the younger generation deserved a better future than the “insanity of a damaged and destroyed world”.


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