Parents outraged at school’s pro-Israel Folau assignment

Parental objection has seen a Catholic secondary school cancel a pro-Israel Folau assignment.

The assignment was signed off by “the Religious Education Year 9 Team” at St Patrick’s Marist College in New South Wales.

“Your mission is to present to your Local Member of Federal Parliament a letter expressing deep concern for the future of protection of religious freedom and freedom of speech”, the assignment task told the students.

The assignment task informs the students that religious freedom is “being attacked in the workplace, schools, universities and on the streets”.

It goes on to say Folau (a former Wallaby sacked over a homophobic social media post) has become “the most discussed and divisive figure in Australia.

“In reality, the matter is not about what Folau posted but about religious freedom of speech.

“Should we lose our job for making public our own private views? Do we as Australians have the right to voice our own opinion about matters that concern our individuality, our beliefs, our faith?”

Sue Walsh, from the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta, says Catholic schools within the district are places where complex issues can be discussed, in an environment “where each voice can be heard, and every view expressed”.

The assignment in question didn’t represent the diocese’s views however. Not did it represent the views of the diocesan schools or that of Marist Schools Australia.

“A number of the sentiments in the covering letter for the assignment do not represent the views of the Diocese of Parramatta, its schools or Marist Schools Australia,” Ms Walsh said.

“The … students will be given the opportunity to complete a new assessment that is consistent with contemporary approaches to learning and teaching.”


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