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Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand is using this year’s Social Justice Week theme of fairness to ask hard questions of everyone.

The call is for everyone to consider what they can do to make workplaces, schools and communities fair places for all.

People are challenged to see, hear, and experience the lived reality of people, naming what is happening and taking action.

Caritas Director Julianne Hickey says: “social justice is about ensuring that everyone gets a fair go.

Whether that be in employment, housing, healthcare or education or in any other respect – we all deserve to be treated with human dignity and to have a fair opportunity to flourish.”

The Parish of St Anne’s in Manurewa will hold a Social Justice and Peace Community Forum on Thursday evening this week.

At the forum, candidates for this year’s local body elections will front up to issues around fairness in housing, the environment, pay equity and poverty.

Resources have been distributed to parishes and communities throughout New Zealand for Sunday celebrations and activities during the week.

Education resources for schools offer background information, curriculum links and helpful statistics.

The development of resources found in this year’s packs for Social Justice Week has been based around the theme of See-Judge-Act.

This methodology is founded on Catholic social teaching – it is a way of looking at a situation, analysing it, and taking action.

It enables us to consider what is fair (or not) in our lives, our communities and in our society as a whole? Is everyone getting a fair go? How can we make sure they are?

Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand is an agency of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops


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