Right to life petition opposes decriminalisation of abortion

Right to Life petition

15,407 citizens have signed a petition opposing the decriminalisation of abortion and supporting the protection for women and the unborn.

Right to life organised the petition.

Representatives of the Society’s executive presented it to an assembly of invited MP’s on the steps of Parliament on Wednesday.

The petition opposes abortion being taken out of the Crimes Act and made “a reproductive choice for women.”

“The proposal of the Prime Minister to decriminalise abortion is an unprecedented attack on the sanctity of life of the unborn child,” said spokesman for Right to Life Ken Orr.

He said the government has no mandate to declare that the unborn are not human beings and that they have no right to have their lives protected by the State.

The petition has been referred to the Abortion Legislation Select Committee.

This specially appointed Committee was established to consider the Abortion Legislation Bill. There are eight members on this Committee, six of them voted to support the Abortion Bill at its first reading.

In September Right to life employed Curia Marketing Services to conduct a survey.

One question asked when the unborn child became a human being

  • 65% said before birth.
  • 25 % said at conception,
  • 14 % said at implantation
  •  26 % said between implantation and birth.

A second question asked when should the human rights of the unborn child be protected by New Zealand law

  • 17 % believed at conception,
  • 10 % at implantation
  • 28 % between implantation and birth.

This shows 55% of New Zealanders believe that the unborn child’s right to life should be protected at some stage before birth.

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