Priest tried to livestream Mass – but what happened was hilarious

An Italian priest is one of the millions of people currently locked-down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He is also one of the many who are still trying to bring a sense of normality in these uncertain and scary times.

As we are not able to leave our homes, except to shop or go to work if you are a key worker, Paolo Longo, a priest at the Church of San Pietro and San Benedetto di Polla in Salerno province, has taken to social media to live stream Mass.

Unfortunately, when he attempted to conduct Mass online, he had some technical difficulties.

He accidentally turned on video filters during his live stream, giving everyone watching at home some much-needed amusement.

During the nearly 50-minute mass, Facebook altered reality (AR) filters activated and made Longo look as if he was wearing various animated outfits.

These included a futuristic helmet and a wizard hat.

“You made us laugh, but without malice only with great affection,” a follower wrote in Italian.

The priest laughed off the error that went viral in Italy, later posting, “Even a laugh is good”.+


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